Our Handmade Story

We are 100% Handmade

Watch how we craft raw-silver to jewellery

The Ayana Jewellery Team

Lauren Batten


Founder, Designer Maker

Graduated as a Silversmith Jeweller, Lauren is the brains behind the Ayana Jewellery, the product developer and designer, handcrafting each jewellery from raw-silver to the finished product.

Vincent Koc


Co-Founder, Marketing & Brand

From a media & advertising background, Vincent is the branding and marketing side of Ayana Jewellery. Supporting Lauren from product development and bouncing idea’s.

The Inspiration


After studying as a silversmith (jewellery making) in New Zealand, I moved to London where I met Vincent. Together the journey of Ayana Jewellery began. I spend long evenings in my bedroom apartment making and designing jewellery. Vincent helping where he could.

We re-located to Sydney in early 2015 and re-launched Ayana Jewellery. We now design and make contemporary fashion accessories from our creative home studio in Sydney.

The artistic inspiration for our products comes from our travels. The ones ‘desire’ to see, feel, taste and yearn. Resonating from cultural motifs to architectural shapes and forms.

Each jewellery item in our range is handcrafted with love from start to finish, with each piece not quite the same as the one before. We design with the fun-loving women in mind and the idea that jewellery is to be worn and enjoyed every day.

The Handmade Jewellery

Working with sterling silver (925), the process starts with the idea, followed by a research phase then design work. It is then that I pop on my apron and take to the bench with saws, hammers and solder to bend, curve and form shapes making the jewellery come to life.

Oxidising (the blackened finish) is created by dipping the piece of jewellery into a bath of lime sulphur to darken the surface.

We strive to keep the studio eco- friendly by using eco-pickle solutions instead of harsh chemicals and recycling all of our waste metals.

We have also started working with Argentium Silver. This is brighter and whiter than platinum, white gold, palladium and Sterling. This new alloy contains 93.5% fine silver and a 6.5% mixture of copper, germanium and silicon. It is made from 100% recycled silver, is hypoallergenic and tarnish-free. Our range of Argentium Rings are exclusively available at our markets.

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