Brand New: Ayana Mini’s Collection



The first few pieces from our NEW Ayana Miniโ€™s Range have just been released on our website. We saw a gap in our products to create something with a lower price point, but keeping to the geometric themes. Plus, who can resist tiny miniature jewels!

We don’t always want to be wearing jewellery that creates a statement, we seek simple, clean pieces to wear day after day which compliment any outfit. With these ideas in mind we have created a range of super teeny, mini jewels. Keeping an edge of geometric design, Ayana Mini’s have been handcrafted with love and care.

Shapes such as triangles, circles,ย diamonds and more come togetherย to create this range of necklaces,ย bracelets and stud earrings.


We are busy every day sawing, bending and soldering away to bring even moreย new designs. Shop our current range at: Mini’s

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