Gemstone: Aquamarine – Water of the Sea

Get acquainted with the aquamarine gemstone. There is a load to learn about this beautiful stone, so if it’s one of your favs, you’ll find these facts fascinating.



The name ‘aquamarine’ was derived from an old Latin expression, which meant ‘seawater’.



Aquamarine can be light-blue, dark-blue, blue-green and green-blue. The more saturated the colour, the higher the value, although almost all aquamarine we see is typically a lighter blue tone.



Aquamarine is the traditional gift for a 19th wedding anniversary. This gift could actually be any item relating to the colour aquamarine, but the gift was originally meant to be aquamarine jewellery. Necklaces and earrings are a popular choice.



Modern Birthstone – March
Planetary Stone – Pisces
Sun Sign (Star Sign) – Scorpio
Ancient Arabic, Hebrew, and Roman birthstone for October


Aquamarine 3

Aquamarine is mined in many countries across the world – Brazil, Zambia, Nigeria, Madagascar, Pakistan and Mozambique.


Aquamarine registers between a 7 – 8 on Mohs scale. (Unit of measurement used to test the hardness of gemstones.) Whereas, a diamond measures 10 on the scale, so aquamarine is a relatively hard gemstone and will withstand daily wear.



Aquamarine gemstones are often heat-treated for colour enhancement, but many are untreated. Heating at low temperatures will reduce unwanted green and yellowish tones. Darker shades of aquamarine are almost always heated, as well as lower quality stones in order to enhance the colour to be a favourable blue.


Aquamarine 1CUT

The aquamarine lends it’s self to being cut in a number of ways, faceted and cabochon both show off the stones blue hues nicely. Although, the most favoured cut for aquamarine is an emerald step-cut.




The largest find of gemstone quality aquamarine dates back to 1910 when the “Minas Gerais” mine in Marambaya, Brazil, unearthed a stone of 243 lb (110.5 kg), 18 inches (48.5 cm) long and 15.5 inches in diameter, that was cut into many gemstones with a total weight of more than 100,000 carats.


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