24 hours in the Life of a Creative


Every day being a creative is very different and really depends on what orders have come in, what markets we have coming up etc etc. But here is an outline of my day yesterday, which did happen to be a pretty typical day.


6.30am– Mia (resident cat) wakes me up by method of head butting or meowing, after trying my best to ignore her, I give up and give her breakfast.. but it’s back to bed for me.. because I do love a good snooze or morning read

7.30am– Snooze time is over so it’s up and into a quick shower

8am – I make my morning coffee, some eggs for breakfast and get some fresh air on the balcony. Then it’s straight into work.

8.30am – First up in the morning, the laptop is on and work timer started.

I use Toggl to record all my working hours – this keeps me accountable and allows me to track what tasks I am working on and for how long I work on certain tasks each week.

My first hour I spend checking emails, I also check my social media and post an Instagram story, then check for orders. I write up my orders on small order sheets and prepare the packaging. I will then check to see if I have stock for the orders and if I do the orders get packed straight away ready to post later. I write a list of any designs that I need to make.

9am – 12.30pm – This time can be used for a range of different things, today it is making orders as I don’t have all the stock for of todays orders. I also need to make a number of other items to re-stock lines that have sold out, so I get my apron on and set myself up at my jewellery bench. A cup of green tea goes down a treat.

Sometimes it’s nice to just have quiet time while I work, at other times I listen to podcasts, or occasionally I indulge in some trashy tv on netflicks!

During this block of time, I usually get up for a stretch or two… or to deal with Miss Mia who needs some treats, or some playtime. Although I do try to limit these times, otherwise nothing gets done! I will also (when I remember) post a story or two to Instagram to show my followers how their jewellery is made.


12.30pm-1pm – Lunchtime. Today it’s a chicken wrap. Other times, it’s a salad or some soup. Lunchtimes are usually spent at the laptop replying to any emails, but I’m trying hard lately to take at least 30mins out and get some fresh air with a walk around the harbour, or sitting on the balcony with a magazine (Frankie is totally my fav!)

1.30pm – Back to it! Afternoons are a mixed bag – sometimes it’s reconciling Xero, paying invoicing, doing ordering, updates on Etsy or our Website, scheduling social media, packing for markets, preparing display and sometimes it’s making jewellery. Managing a small business means A LOT of tasks and a lot of organisation!

Today these tasks are on my list:
  • Invoice one of my (amazing) stockists
  • Print the stockist order and schedule when I will make this and a date I aim to post it
  • Check on my Etsy Promoted Listings (advertising) and tweak
  • Reconcile Xero and input expenses, invoices etc

3.30pm – Time for a walk to post any orders that are ready to go out.

3.30pm-5.30pm – Carry on with task list:

  • Prepare schedule for tomorrow and task list
  • Carry on working on any jewellery that needs making/polishing
  • Pack any orders that are now finished, or prepare to make tomorrow
  • Quick check of emails and social media and respond to anyone as needed

5.30pm – It’s time to sign off for the day. I try to finish up at 5.30, often it’s 6 or 6.30 if I’m lost in my jewellery making or have pressing things on my list I couldn’t get done.



5.30pm-6pm – I love this time to get a few tasks around the house – dishes, washing, general tidying and feed Mia.

Once Vincent gets home from work, most nights we hit the gym, a swim or a walk…. sometimes if it’s been a busy day, we skip both and enjoy an early dinner and couch blob! Tonight it’s the gym.

6.30pm-7pm – Back from the gym, quick showers and it’s time to cook dinner. Tonight we are having a chicken broth with wontons. We love to cook, so our meals are quite varied, quite often it’s Turkish dishes as Vincent is from Turkey and we just love the flavours and vege filled dishes.

After dinner we generally watch a tv show, but today is Tuesday which means it’s “Ayana” work night. We always schedule time every Tuesday evening to do any tasks on the business which I need Vincent’s help on. We try to keep this to 2 hours, but sometimes it does stretch out a bit depending on what we need to do. Tasks can range from website fixes/updates, financial reporting/BAS reports etc, designing new signs/posters for markets, display cards etc etc.

I definitely couldn’t get by without Vincent helping me out as much as he does. If the task list is long, Vincent will usually carry on with these over the week and weekend when he has some spare time. (love him!)

9.30pm – We finish up tonight and get some R&R time in front of the tv with a pot of chai tea.

10.30pm – Is our usual bedtime…but often this is pushed out to 11 or 11.30 depending how the day goes… or if we get hooked on a tv series.

Time for some shut eye and to start all over again tomorrow!



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