Size Guide – Rings

To help ensure that the ring you order from Ayana is the correct size, use this handy ring sizing guide. Check out below for hints and tips for perfect measuring. You can also download our ring sizing guide too!



Keep in Mind:
  • Measure your finger towards the end of the day. Do not measure your fingers when it is hot or cold.
  • Keep in mind that your two hands may differ in size, so a ring worn on your left hand may not fit on the right hand.
  • Always measure the circumference around the base of your finger, past the knuckle.
  • If you are hesitating between two sizes, choose the larger size. Please note that the style of ring will also affect the choice of size: a large ring is made to be worn more loosely than a smaller design.

If you’re still in doubt, just pop to your local jeweller to get your ring size measured perfectly!

Print your copy here:

Ring Sizing Printable – Yippee!

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